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New Location in Chelsea MA

The Basement Blog

New Chelsea Location

Did you know that we just opened a new location in Chelsea?

In an effort to better support our clients in the North Shore towns of:

Essex county:

Amesbury, Andover, Beverly, Boxford, Danvers, Essex, Georgetown, Gloucester, Groveland, Hamilton, Haverhill, Ipswich, Lawrence, Lynn, Lynnfield, Manchester by the sea, Marblehead, Merrimac, Methuen,Middleton, Nahant, Newbury, Newburyport, North Andover, Peabody, Rockport, Rowley, Salem, Salisbury, Saugus, Swampscott, Topsfield, Wenham, West Newbury.

Middlesex county:

Acton, Arlington, Ashby, Ashland, Ayer, Bedford, Belmont, Billerica, Boxborough, Burlington, Cambridge, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Concord, Dracut, Dunstable, Everett, Framingham,Groton, Holliston, Hopkinton, Hudson, Lexington, Lincoln, Littleton, Lowell, Marlborough, Maynard, Medford, Natick, Newton, North, Reading, Pepperell, Reading, Sherborn, Shirley, Somerville, Stoneham, Stow, Sudbury, Tewksbury, Townsend, Tyngsborough, Wakefield, Waltham, Watertown, Wayland, Westford, Weston, Wilmington, Winchester, Woburn.

One of our missions is to get your basement dry as soon as possible and keep it dry for the life of the home. We are going above and beyond to make sure we hit our goals. We’ve hired more salesmen to allow us to get in the door faster to assess, plan, and execute a solution to make your basement livable again. We’ve also hired more team members to get more crews up and running. We are now installing sump pumps, French drains, laying pipe, to get water out of your basement in no time.

It is so important you take care of your basement water issues before you’re standing ankle deep. We have come across so many people, across so many walks of life that all end up with some sort of water intrusion issues in their homes. Our systems and methods are designed specifically for you; customer designed and built, because not one house is the same.

We make it our priority to get your basement dry by any means possible!

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End of August

The Basement Blog

Here we are at the end of August and the rain keeps coming!  Lynn recently had 8″ of rain in the matter of two hours (talk about some serious basement flooding)!  Our systems are working overtime to keep up with the flooding this year but so far, we have heard nothing but great reviews all year.

As you know most waterproofing systems run off electricity because of that we always recommend battery backups and generators for power outages. However, what happens if your circuit breaker trips?  Do you know how to reset the breaker?  Maybe it is time to call in a licensed electrician to check the amperage on your outlets and inspect your electrical system.  Do not wait until you are ankle deep to have this simple service completed.

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Summer Time

The Basement Blog

The summer months are finally here!  We are sitting back and enjoying the heat.  Unfortunately, this means a few things for your basement.  If you do not have a dehumidifier, now is the time to really start thinking about one.  It is extremely hot outside, and your below grade basement is still cold and there is still constantly moisture all around your concrete or field stone basement.  Unfortunately, these walls and floors are like sponges.  They soak up what is left of the moisture in the ground and emit moisture into your basement air.  This air will become stale, musty and in some cases, it can really start to stink!  Especially if you have decided to finish a basement.  The air can become trapped in your basement.

The best way to remedy a smelly basement is a properly sized dehumidifier.  The dehumidifier you find at the big box store is really not meant for a basement.  Those dehumidifiers are really meant for 1 small room.  If you have a finished basement and the air becomes musty and stale, we can duct the dehumidifier throughout your finished basement and create the air flow needed to protect your basement.

Once the dehumidifier is doing its job, we will then discharge the condensate water out of the house.  Therefore, you will never have to empty a bucket again!

Call us today for a free estimate! 800-653-4309

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Power Outages

The Basement Blog

Basement Waterproofing Systems:

Let’s start by explaining how water gets into the basement in the first place. For this we must go back to elementary school science class. The Earth is covered in water. Even the Earth’s crust contains water! This is known as ground water. When building a home, the developer chooses a plot of land, and they perform tests to determine how much water is in the ground at that specific point (water table). That is great! However, it can be tested during a dry season, also the water table changes all the time. If your neighbor cuts down a tree, your water table can change. It is that simple.

Going back to science class again we need to talk about pressure and how it affects water. Usually water flows through the ground with no problem at all, that is until it meets the foundation of your home. When water is met with resistance, pressure will continue to build. Good thing for water is that concrete is porous and some of it will be absorbed. Bad things for basements is that concrete is porous! Now only some of the water will be absorbed, not all of it. The water will continue to build pressure and eventually it breaks through the concrete and into your basement. The Grand Canyon proves how powerful water can be! That is where we come in! Our Interior Drainage Pressure Relief System is the only way to guarantee your basement dry.

The Heart:

The sump pump is the heart of any system however, the sump pump does require electricity. Watchman Waterproofing has been to countless homes that have beautiful finished basements. However, the dry basement guarantee is predicated on one electronic sump pump. If your electricity goes out and you have no back up power supply your sump pump will stop working and your basement may flood.

Power Outages: How to Keep your Basement Dry!

Watchman Waterproofing always recommends a battery backup sump pump which is a second pump, that runs off a deep cycle marine battery.  Battery backups have saved many basements, however, battery backups only provide a limited time of protection.  In high water times and hurricanes, battery backup systems may only last from 6-10 hours.  There have been many times when battery backups have lasted over 40 hours but no one can guarantee that.

Generators are a great savior in the basement waterproofing world.  A Whole House Generator is supposed to kick on exactly when the power goes out and will operate a properly functioning pump (but if the pump fails, the Whole House Generator will not be helpful).  Manual start generators are a great tool for longer black outs, however, they do require someone to manually start them.  In this case, the basement can flood if the generator is not immediately started after a power loss.  If you determine a manual start generator is the best way for you to go, it is recommended to still have a battery backup.

Let’s refresh:

-Battery Back Ups are useful for a limited time.

-Manual Start generators are helpful, however, a battery backup is still recommended.

-Whole house generators are the best way to go, however, the basement should have a second primary pump.



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A Man and a Duck

The Basement Blog

A man and a duck are walking down the street together. Suddenly the man notices a low-flying airplane coming right for them. The man yells, “Duck!!!” and the duck looks back at the man with an angry face “Man!!!” (lemontheduck.com)

Imagine this:

You walk outside and breathe in the fresh Spring air. Ahhh…Time to get out the patio furniture and enjoy the beautiful day.  You go in the house and walk down the stairs into your wet basement. When did that happen? Remember last week when it rained for two days and you thought, “The basement is fine. I don’t need to check it.” Now there’s water on the floor and it smells damp and musty.

You need to rid your wet basement of that water immediately and find the source of the water entering before mold begins, for the protection of your basement and your health.

Don’t worry. That’s where we come in. We make basements dry! No nonsense, no excuses, no problem.  Our systems are simple, time-proven and guaranteed. Our goal is to make your wet basement dry: on time and on budget. We’ll take care of that wet basement and turn it into a dry basement that you will be so thankful for now and in the years to come!

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The Basement Blog

Welcome to Watchman Waterproofing’s Basement Blog. Are you ready to get into the down and dirty truth about basements? If so, follow our bi-weekly blog and join us on our journey to the depths of the smelliest, dirtiest basements and the smallest creepy crawl spaces.

At the end of every blog we want to answer any questions you have. We would also love to hear/share your basement horror stories. If you would like to ask a question or share your horror stories, please use the form below. We will do our best to feature all stories & questions.

Reminder! If you have an urgent question about your basement please

call 1-800-653-4309.

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