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The best way to achieve a dry basement is with our Full Perimeter Protection System. With proven designs and trained technicians, we will install a system to fit your home. We can also install emergency back-up pumps. If the lights go out, your basement will still be protected. Once your system is installed and working properly, you may enjoy your basement any way you wish. 

Sometimes a full perimeter system is more system than required to eliminate water. Some homeowners prefer an incremental approach to their water problem. They start with a smaller system and build upon it as necessary. This way they only install enough of a system to do the job for now. The basic starter system is a basin and pump. A  basin and pump will easily handle small problem areas and, if needed, can be expanded to resolve larger water issues. Our structural foam basins are nearly indestructible. They are made in the USA to the highest industrial standards. The basins we install contain pumps and are placed under the floor of your basement. Undisturbed, they will last for the life of your home. The pumps we use are also an American made, industrial quality component, that will provide years of worry free service. Together, they are designed for harsher environments and more rugged use than they will ever see in your waterproofing system.

All Watchman Waterproofing systems have the option of adding a Battery Back Up Pump. This is a secondary pump in case of power failure. This pump will only turn on if your home loses power. Call today for more information!

Water or moisture present in crawl spaces can lead to further damage, and pose health risks due to mold, pests, or poor air quality. If you know your crawl space is damp but are not sure of the extent of the water inside, it may be time to call Watchman Waterproofing and consider encapsulation. Our technicians will assess the conditions in your crawl space. If there is excessive moisture, we will cover the entire surface of your crawl space with what is known as a vapor barrier

Here at Watchman Waterproofing we can identify the source of the issue and determine the best course of action for your basement. Our technicians can determine if the cause of your mold is from ground water entering your home or basement humidity issues. Once the mold remediation process is over and our system is in your basement, the humidity level will stay below 60% and you will no longer need to worry about mold in your basement.

Watchman Waterproofing can install heavy duty dehumidifiers for you. If you already have one, we can install a small collector system for it, where you’ll never have to empty it manually. Properly dried air inhibits mold growth and creates a cleaner environment in your basement. Dehumidifier installation is just another service we provide in our comprehensive approach to a dry basement.

Managing downspouts is an important element of our comprehensive approach to keeping basements dry. It ensures that a major source of water near your home is directed away, where it disperses harmlessly from a bubbler pot. Additionally, downspout management eliminates hoses and pipes from running across your yard or driveway, creating trip hazards as well as obstacles to lawn mowers and automobiles. Downspout management gives your home a neat and orderly appearance. By eliminating unsightly surface pipes and hoses, you improve your home’s curb appeal and help keep destructive water where it belongs, away from your basement.

Watchman Waterproofing can manage your foundation cracks. Foundation cracks are common and not an absolute indication that you have structural problems. Cracks, however, can allow water penetration causing high moisture, puddles, and even more serious flooding. Needless to say mold and mildew often follows un-managed water from cracks. We will eliminate water from cracks, in several ways depending on your specific situation, protecting your basement from unwanted water.

“Watchman Waterproofing was professional from start to finish- from the quote through the completion of the work. The work crew arrived on time each day and stayed late into the evening the last day in order to complete the job- and save us from another day of construction. Their work was tested during a recent downpour- this was the first storm in 6 months where our basement remained dry. Thanks Watchman Waterproofing!! I would highly recommend Watchman Waterproofing.”

Denise C.

“Dave was extremely helpful and super nice (and patient). We had some delays in our overall project and he continue to connect with me via phone and check in. The work in the basement was done quickly and neatly. I am so impressed with the Watchman team from Doreen in the office, Dave and the person who did the installation. You will not be disappointed with Watchman!!!”

Tina S.

“This company and the gentleman who performed the work are awesome. Would HIGHLY recommend!”

Joanne R.

“Excellent crew. Very accommodating with us. Very personable guys, very hard working. A very full day of hard work every day. Very clean after the job was done. Thank you Ricky, Sean and Jake”

Bruce R.

“These guys were extremely professional from our initial meeting in my basement through the completion of the project. Since then, we have had several storms without a drop of water in my basement!”

Brandon N.

“I actually have used Watchman Waterproofing twice this year on two homes and their work was quick, clean, in budget and effective. The whole team is very professional and a pleasure to work with.”

James W.

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Watchman Waterproofing will locate and assist property owners to make their basements dry and usable. We will design and install waterproofing systems using the best components available. We will maximize the value and utility of property for our customers while providing the highest level of professionalism.

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