Full Perimeter System

The Final Product 

The pit and pump(s) are the heart of the system. The collector pipes are directed to the pit(s) where the water is pumped out of the basement. The pit and pump(s) are installed below the floor just as the pipes are. Once the pit and pump(s) are installed, the only thing you will see is a flat cover, which is level with your existing floor. Against the wall near the cover will be a small evacuation pipe carrying water out of the pit and a wire to plug in the system.

The evacuation pipe(s) will be installed straight up the wall where it will exit the basement near the sill (on top of the foundation). Upon exiting the house, the pipe will feed directly down into a four inch pipe which will be installed below the ground next to the foundation. That pipe will carry the water to a bubbler pot located to disperse the water and keep it away from your home.

High water alarms and heavy duty American made pumps are standard with the full perimeter system. Dehumidifier ports, foundation crack management, and floor drains may be incorporated with this system. Battery back-up systems (operate during power failure) are available with this system at the time of installation, or as an add-on after the system is complete.

The Heart of the System

The best way to achieve a dry basement is with our Full Perimeter Protection System.

It is guaranteed to keep your basement dry. The system has been successfully installed and proven to work for many years.

The basic principle is to collect ground water under the basement floor along the entire perimeter. The water is directed by pipes to one or more sump pumps and pits where it is evacuated from your home to an exterior bubbler pot.  The bubbler pot allows the water to disperse harmlessly away from your home.

Once it has been determined that a full perimeter system is the best solution to your water issues, we will open the basement floor and create a trench to accommodate the collector pipes. These pipes are four inch polyvinylchloride (PVC) and are an industry standard. Some companies will use “special” square pipes claiming that they are superior. The fact is our pipes can carry more than twice the amount of water that a “special” square pipe can carry.

During the Job