Vapor Barrier/Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation is a simple and effective measure to prevent water from flooding or leaking through the foundation of your crawl space.

Water or moisture present in crawl spaces can lead to further damage, and pose health risks due to mold, pests, or poor air quality. If you know your crawl space is damp but are not sure of the extent of the water inside, it may be time to call Watchman Waterproofing and consider encapsulation.

Our technicians will assess the conditions in your crawl space. If there is excessive moisture, we will cover the entire surface of your crawl space with what is known as a: Vapor Barrier-

a heavy weight and extremely durable polyethylene membrane. Corners and seams will be sealed tightly, essentially creating a complete barrier in your crawl space which will keep out water and the many troubles it can cause.