Sump Pump and Basin

The sump pump and basin is the basic system as well as the heart of larger systems.

The sump and pump basin is very versatile. Quite often it can stand alone where there is a small water issue in a confined area. It can also support dehumidifiers, floor drains, garage grates, and even wet foundation cracks. In some instances a well-placed basin and pump can protect an entire basement from groundwater.

 The pumps we use are American made heavy duty pumps rated for continuous duty. The size will vary depending on your specific need for water removal. In some extreme cases we may use more than one pump in a basin.

The sump basin is an American made structural foam product that will withstand anything it may encounter while collecting water for the pump within.

The basin is installed beneath the concrete floor in your basement to a depth of approximately two feet. This depth gives the system a head start when dealing with rising ground water. Instead of waiting for a flood, the basin allows the system to begin work long before rising water becomes an issue. Once installed, the basin is flush with the existing concrete floor and is strong enough to stand on. The cover is secured with bolts preventing accidents with children or pets while allowing full access to the system.

If your budget demands, we can install a basin and pump and see how well it performs. If more system is needed, we can install it after the basin and pump. This allows you to install a system a little at a time almost like a layaway plan. Sometimes the basin and pump are enough. Sometimes a full perimeter system is eventually installed. Either way you have options depending on your budget and your needs.

The basin and pump give you a basic system that can be built upon, or just used as a stand-alone system. In the event of a broken pipe, a leaky water heater, or just about any water emergency, you’ll be glad to have a place for water to go.