Sump pumps are mechanical devices and just like the furnace in your home, they require maintenance to preform optimally.  Sump Pump systems should have annual system check-ups to make sure everything is working well.  Sump pumps spend long periods of time idle and only work intermittently when ground water rises or in rare cases when there are heavy rains or a broken pipe.  A defective sump pump won’t be obvious until it fails to operate when needed and by then, basement flooding and water damage could be extreme.  We do also offer battery back-up systems that will operate in case of power or pump failure.

Our Annual System Check-Up is a 22-point inspection and will leave your pump clean and in optimum working condition.

Some companies will insist that you purchase their maintenance programs in order to get your full warranties.  At Watchman Waterproofing, we do not.  We highly recommend that you sign up for maintenance, but we will not force you into purchasing in order to keep the warranties on your equipment.  Maintenance is very important and we are happy to offer this service to our customers.

Ask your salesperson about signing up or give us a call 800-653-4309.

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